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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome During Pregnancy


You probably have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if you’re feeling numbness in your hand and/or pain in the wrist especially while tilting it to the side. Symptoms may also involve swelling of hands, or tingling. Tingling is the same weird sensation where it feels like ants are crawling in your skin. It is felt right after a part of your body is pressured for a long period of time.


But why are you having this condition now that you are pregnant? This is because during pregnancy, your blood volume increases in order to supply your uterus. Your nerves then inflate so it can adjust to your higher level of bloodstream. One of the nerves affected, is the median nerve. When this nerve is compressed, there is a high possibility that CTS will occur.


Having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during pregnancy will not affect your baby. So don’t worry about it. Also, CTS usually heals after giving birth. What you can do now is to manage the condition.

These are some of the ways which you can do:

  1. You can try a wrist splint for sleeping if the pain bugs you during bed time.prenatal yoga
  2. Avoid repetitive wrist movements, or lifting heavy things. Have your husband or mother lift the grocery bags for you.
  3. Prenatal Yoga can also help relieve stress and stretch your nerves the proper way, aside from other benefits like preparation during labor.
  4. Try dipping your hands in a bowl of warm water as it can relieve tense nerves.
  5. Have your husband gently massage your hands and wrists. It promotes relaxation and an instant pain reliever.
  6. Avoid surgery as much as possible. No, just no. Do numbers 1 to 5 instead.

Now if you are not yet pregnant and still planning to be, you can prevent getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by following the 3 major ways to treat CTS.

3 Best Carpal Tunnel Treatment without Surgery


People question how exercises can cure injuries. Wouldn’t exercises just worsen the condition? The answer is a simple NO. When done right, certain exercises are good treatments that can actually speed up the healing process.

In the case of CTS, ligaments are injured due to improper force and movement exerted by the wrist. An individual has a higher risk of tearing up the wrist ligaments when his/her muscles are not capable enough of handling a certain degree of pressure. For instance, let’s picture a 7 year old kid swinging through the monkey bars in the park for the first time. When suddenly his playmate jumps and grabs him down while the kid is still hanging holding on to the bars. There is a huge chance the kid will injure his wrists because he does not have enough strength to carry his playmate’s weight plus his own. Now let us put it this way, an athletic dad does pull ups on a steel bar, when suddenly his 5 year old kid jumps on him. It is likely that the athletic dad will still continue those pull ups and counting. These are two extreme examples just so you get the picture how building strength is an important Carpal Tunnel treatment.strong wrists

Ok so the above example says something about prevention, but what about treatment? Exercise will help you build muscles, and can make your ligaments more flexible WHILE THEY ARE HEALING. And when would be the best time of doing it than NOW.

Making your arms and hands gain more strength and flexibility will ultimately help in preventing FURTHER damage to your wrists and hence make it heal FASTER.

The exercises involves stretches and strengthening which will be further discussed on the videos in this website.

Some of the gears available that are for exercise use are the Stressballs and Hand Grips.

Proper Wrist Movement

Unlike the shoulders and hips, the wrists are not made of ball & socket joint where you can easily move up/down, forward/backward, or do a full rotation. The wrist should only go up or down, or in scientific terms “Flexion” for downwards and “Extension” for upwards. Yes the wrist can also move sideways such as mentioned in the diagram below “Radial Deviation” and “Ulnar Deviation”. It can even twist – “Pronation” and “Supination”. But let us make this clear, repetitive and forceful use of side and twisting actions are both prone to injury. Doing these often hinders proper healing process.

carpal tunnel treatment flexion extension diagram

The structure of the human hand is not really designed for side tilting and twisting, but rather those abilities are merely just “allowance” and NOT for primary use. For example, our neck is capable of moving our head horizontally in a 180 degrees fashion. So by using your neck, you can look to your farthest right and to your farthest left. But can you always look left to right and right to left using your neck every 30 seconds without making you dizzy? Similarly, we should not overuse our wrists by tilting sideways and twisting. Flexion and Extension are fine for regular use, just like how we use our knees to walk and run.

So when do we tend to do side tilting and wrist twisting? This usually occurs when moving your standard mouse or typing on a standard keyboard with your wrist tilted sideways. Examples for twisting is trying to open tightly sealed jar lids and opening door knobs.

improper wrist posture mouse

improper wrist posture keyboard






The Ergonomic Keyboards, Ergonomic Mouse, and DonJoy Functional Wrist Brace are the products which promote proper wrist movement. Therefore great for Carpal Tunnel treatment.

Let It Heal

Proper exercise and correct form of wrist movement are recipes for exceptional remedy. And it stops there, why? Because another good practice to treat your injured wrist is by doing nothing! Meaning you can heal the condition by absolutely not moving your wrists.

The body has the capacity to heal on its own, and so is your Carpal Tunnel. At times even when you think you are giving it a rest, it really doesn’t. Say for instance you accidentally pin down your arms while sleeping, it causes pain and wakes you up. With the right equipment, this will not happen. We’re talking about wrist braces.futuro-wrist-brace-small

So how do you manage exercise and rest? How often do you exercise, or how long should it rest? It really depends on how worse your condition is. Say for example, if your wrists are severely broken, stick with the wrist braces. Then, until your hands can open and close, and wrists can do Flexion and Extension without pain, start doing gentle stretching exercises for 10 minutes every three days. Then while it is healing, increase frequency by two days, then do strength exercises, then daily, and so on. You are probably the only one who can tell when to start, and when to stop.

Products that support resting and healing of Carpal Tunnel are wrist cushion, wrist braces, thumb spica splint, gooseneck clamp, and jar openers.

In conclusion, exercise, maintaining proper movement, and allowing time to heal are the three best practices for Carpal Tunnel treatment. Well what about surgery? Surgery is expensive, takes time to heal, and will still require these three practices anyway after the operation. It will be a long debate if surgical operations are really needed, but Carpal Tunnel Gadgets only recommends it as a last resort for treatment. Do these 3 practices religiously for a couple of years, if it doesn’t heal, then that’s the only time you may want to consider surgery.

*Here’s a tip: meet with a gym instructor or a physical therapist first before visiting your local surgeon.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Evolution



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition where a person experiences pain, tingling, numbness, restrictive movements, and other hand problems caused by pressure of the median nerve in your wrist.  Inside your wrist, there is a passage called the Carpal Tunnel, which is narrow but filled with tendons, ligaments, and nerves including the median nerve. This median nerve connects from your neck that passes through your arms and wrist, which then spreads to your fingers. The pressure is caused mainly by inflammation or swelling of ligaments.

There are several reasons why ligaments swell or become inflamed. One example is overuse of wrist sideways movements. Another is lifting heavy objects where a person is not capable of lifting that weight, and repetitive twisting of wrists while applying force and so on. These cause the ligaments to tear, swell, then puts pressure on the median nerve which inhibits it to work naturally. Treatment of CTS has two ways; one is surgery to free up or fix the median nerve, and two is to reverse the swelling or damage of the ligaments which consists of these 3 methods. The former should be the last resort form of treatment.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome of the Past


During the Medieval Period, Knights have complained injuring their wrists due to engaging in battles using heavy swords. The reason is because when they try to swing their swords using one hand (the other is for the shield), inertia makes it difficult to hold on to the sword, straining the nearest joint – the wrist.

Fractured bones in the wrists were also found by researchers in ancient ancestral skeletons, hinting that injury to the wrists existed thousands of years ago. However not until the year 1854 where Sir James Paget, an English surgeon, reported a median nerve compression in the wrist of a patient. Then during 1938, a neurologist named Frederick Moersch just coined the term “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” which is caused by median nerve compression. By 1950s, Dr. George S. Phalen, an American hand surgeon, established identifying CTS as a clinical pathology after working with a group of patients. Since then, physicians have recognized that any form of wrist pain, tingling, numbness of fingers and what not, are possibly associated with the same condition.

Modern Era

Not until the 1990s when office jobs became abundant that possibly have caused the spread of this disease. Accountants who used to write their journal entries on actual journal ledgers made of paper are now typing numbers on a keyboard. Back then engineers used to draw their equations and plans on long illustration papers, now they use software or programs in a computer to generate their design.


Personal Computers and laptops have emerged ever since. Early computer designers have never thought that overuse of the hands just by typing on a flat keyboard and scrolling a flat mouse would ever cause something so peculiar such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Today, everyone uses a computer, which means there are more chances of people getting this condition. Also, the rising popularity of video games has greatly contributed to the spread of this condition because of intensified repetitive movements of the wrists.

By the early 2000, CTS have been known widely especially during the rise of the internet where you can simply post your personal complains anywhere from writing blogs to just posting on forums. Now with the popularity of social media, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is now a word describing anything related to pain in the wrist. Anyone can post anything what they feel for everyone to see! For instance, we have seen many Facebook posts like… “Wrist pain please go away!” Physicians, therapists, and industry leaders in the computer business have realized the rise of this condition; hence more products are created and more exercises are formulated for its treatment.  Here’s an analogy, when a new virus is detected, an anti-virus will be created to fight this off.  This website has the best collection of products that should serve as “anti-virus” for CTS. So shop on and grab what you need to prevent or treat this disease.