Carpal Tunnel Syndrome During Pregnancy


You probably have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if you’re feeling numbness in your hand and/or pain in the wrist especially while tilting it to the side. Symptoms may also involve swelling of hands, or tingling. Tingling is the same weird sensation where it feels like ants are crawling in your skin. It is felt right after a part of your body is pressured for a long period of time.


But why are you having this condition now that you are pregnant? This is because during pregnancy, your blood volume increases in order to supply your uterus. Your nerves then inflate so it can adjust to your higher level of bloodstream. One of the nerves affected, is the median nerve. When this nerve is compressed, there is a high possibility that CTS will occur.


Having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during pregnancy will not affect your baby. So don’t worry about it. Also, CTS usually heals after giving birth. What you can do now is to manage the condition.

These are some of the ways which you can do:

  1. You can try a wrist splint for sleeping if the pain bugs you during bed time.prenatal yoga
  2. Avoid repetitive wrist movements, or lifting heavy things. Have your husband or mother lift the grocery bags for you.
  3. Prenatal Yoga can also help relieve stress and stretch your nerves the proper way, aside from other benefits like preparation during labor.
  4. Try dipping your hands in a bowl of warm water as it can relieve tense nerves.
  5. Have your husband gently massage your hands and wrists. It promotes relaxation and an instant pain reliever.
  6. Avoid surgery as much as possible. No, just no. Do numbers 1 to 5 instead.

Now if you are not yet pregnant and still planning to be, you can prevent getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by following the 3 major ways to treat CTS.