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Affordable Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse which comes in Black

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Product Features:

1.         800 – 1200 – 1600 DPI resolution optical tracking provides more sensitivity than typical mouse for smooth and precise tracking on surfaces.
2.         Includes hidden nano receiver and next/previous buttons to provide convenience when surfing and/or gaming
3.         The vertically ergonomic design motivates proper neutral ‘handshake’ wrist/ arm position for correct movement and less strain
4.         Auto shutoff after being idle for eight minutes, click to awaken.
5.         Operational wireless distance of 10 meters.
6.         It is plug&play which means no installation is required.

Anker Wireless Vertical Mouse Review:

Pros: It is one of the cheapest, yet highly respected brands, of its kind. The Anker Wired Ergonomic Mouse suits users on a budget that are looking for a quick solution against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. For starters, one can test the waters of what it feels like using a vertical mouse by grabbing one of these fairly effective gadgets at a low cost.

The vertically angled aspect of this gadget is good enough to avoid wrist twisting so as to minimize stress and wrist pain. Like all vertical mice, it lets the user do the “handshake” form which allows proper movement of the wrist. The right and left click buttons however may require a little bit of pressure when clicking compared to its pricier counterparts. On the other hand, this could be a sign that this mouse is durable.

The 5 button feature provides convenience especially for gamers and surfers who may need quick action buttons. However, the two page buttons located at the thumb area do not work with MAC. It’s black and sleek design looks good for working professionals as well.

Cons: It may feel like you do not have 100% grasp of it while using, like it can slip away from your hand. It’s just an awkward feel that you may want to consider.


It is rumored that the standard mouse has caused the rise of CTS sufferers. This condition was not common until well into the age of the home computer as it was realized that one of the leading causes was incorrect posture and hand movements. To be specific, it involves the constant movement of the wrist bending to the sides of the arm. Vertical mice encourage your wrist to just bend with its proper form or even stay neutral. That is why people with this disease usually prefer an ergonomic mouse that is vertically designed. Overall, the Anker Wireless Vertical Mouse is a good candidate for Carpal Tunnel treatment.

Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
Mac OS X

This product requires two AAA Batteries and are not included when purchased.

You can also check the wired version of this product.


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Anker® Wireless Vertical Mouse Rating

Anker® Wireless Vertical Mouse Rating

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