BESTEK Cell Phone Gooseneck Clamp

The gooseneck clamp that holds your cellphone for you anyway you want

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Product Features:

  1. Comes with Cellphone clip, 27.5 inches Gooseneck, and Clamp
  2. Made of heavy duty steel
  3. Comes in Black

BESTEK Cell Phone Gooseneck Clamp Review:

Want some help with your tired and fatigued hands while lying in bed browsing through your phone before going to sleep? Introducing BESTEK Cell Phone Gooseneck Clamp, with its revolutionary design to hold your phone for you any way you want. Just clip it, clamp it, adjust the neck, and there you go!

Not only in handy during bedtime, this gooseneck clamp can be used inside your car as well, preferably for GPS usege. So you can check your GPS in any position according to your desire while driving.

The best use of this gear is that you can easily do two things at once! Imagine speaking on the phone without speaker use, at the same time typing on your computer. Or watching a video on Youtube while cuddling in bed with your significant other! The possibilities are limitless with BESTEK Cell Phone Gooseneck Clamp.

Some customers complain that the gooseneck is too heavy and bulky. Could be a sign of durability yeah? Anyway, you don’t know what you’re missing until you experience using BESTEK Cell Phone Gooseneck Clamp.


We’ve had news people getting CTS because of overuse of cell phone. Also, hands get tired using your phone while lying in bed before going to sleep. This is because hands are lifted upwards instead of laying them on the bed. Moreover it is kind of frustrating and tiring to the arms when you reach your phone and back on the table beside your bed. With this gooseneck clamp, you don’t have to do all of these as it will hold your phone for you in any position that is possible.

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BESTEK Cell Phone Gooseneck Clamp Ratings

BESTEK Cell Phone Gooseneck Clamp Ratings

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