BESTEK Tablet Gooseneck Mount Clamp

The gooseneck mount clamp that holds your iPad or Tablet PC for you anywhere and anyway you want

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Product Features:

  1. Includes Two Holders, one for iPad, 2, and 3, and 7-10 inch tablet PC
  2. Gooseneck length is 22 inches
  3. Made of metal, clamp is zinc alloy
  4. Comes in Black

BESTEK Tablet Gooseneck Mount Clamp Review:

All iPad or tablet PC owners know that it can get quite tiring just holding these devices up. Lay them flat on the table, and it will feel awkward using it. Put them on a stand, and you’ll wonder why not just use your laptop. The BESTEK Tablet Gooseneck Mount Clamp is the answer to all these dilemmas.

This gooseneck mount clamp can be used anywhere from your office desk, dining table, to your bedroom. Imagine watching movies from your iPad while lying in bed and never having to hold it up yourself! So you can cuddle with your sweetheart using both of your hands while the two of you are watching your favorite nighttime TV Series, isn’t that just amazing!

For complaints, we see people commenting on the clamp at the bottom slipping if not locked tight enough. So the solution is clear right there… lock it tight!


It can get pretty tiring just holding your iPad or Tablet PC up while in use. Without a doubt you strain your arms and wrists as you maneuver your gadget in different but recurring ways. Especially when you do this while lying down in bed. This gooseneck mount clamp will solve that straight away as it holds your heavy iPad or Tablet up for you. Overall, gooseneck mount clamps is an absolutely great gear you can add in your arsenal to help in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment.

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BESTEK Tablet Gooseneck Mount Clamp Ratings

BESTEK Tablet Gooseneck Mount Clamp Ratings

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