Captains of Crush Hand Grip

World's Best Hand Grip used by World's Strongest Men

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Product Features:

  1. Made of billet aluminum and alloy steel
  2. 11 different resistance levels
  3. Made in the USA by IronMind, industry leader since 1988

Captains of Crush Hand Grip Review:

Captains of Crush produces the most popular, highest quality, and most durable hand grips of all time. World renowned used by World’s Strongest Man winners as well as super heavy weight lifters. It’s trademark is pure strength, power, and pure strength, and oh, have we already mentioned pure strength? The brand is a beast and the best in this forte.

This hand grip went thru precision manufacturing using state of the art billet aluminum and alloy steel. The Captains of Crush Hand Grip is what rough and tough is all about.

Choose from 11 different resistance levels, from therapy use to treat an injury, to grip workouts for the strongest man in the world.

Although yes this is the superstar of hand grips, it doesn’t really mean this the only and most effective treatment for hand injuries or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Basically, there are just two things which separates the Captains of Crush from its competitors, its durability which can last a lifetime, and they have a difficulty level for monsters. Also the handle is not cushioned, hence not good for females with delicate skin.


If you are reading this, you are probably suffering from CTS looking for devices which can help you treat your injured hand. You might want to start with the 60lbs level, as Captains of Crush is famous for its super tough resistance. The level is good enough for hand therapy to hasten the healing. After adapting and surpassing this level, you can go ahead and get the heavier levels if you would want to strengthen your hands and arms even more. So as to prevent the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to ever come back.

captains of crush hand grip

Captains of Crush Ratings

Captains of Crush Ratings

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