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Product Features:

  1. To be installed under a surface
  2. Made with tough plastic
  3. With saw like metallic teeth
  4. Comes in White

EZ Off Jar Opener Review:

Have you ever had those frustrating moments when you just want to make some sandwich but the lid of the strawberry spread just won’t budge? Introducing the EZ Off Jar Opener, with its unique design like no other jar openers. Its main purpose is to open jar lids of any sizes, and it definitely works as stated!

The EZ Off Jar Opener is the most praised product of its kind having a perfect score of 5 stars in Amazon!  It is durable and guaranteed to last. This product was well advertised via Home TV Shopping back then, and still is an amazing product at present! Even if no family member in your home has wrist problems, it is still best to have one not only to prevent injuring yourself, but also for your visitors who may want to open jars themselves. Imagine your parents visiting your home and want to surprise you with salads and sandwiches, the EZ Off Jar Opener will absolutely be of help.

Caution: the saw like metallic teeth can be quite dangerous to the touch, hence install the EZ Off Jar Opener where kids will not be able to reach. Also, installation is not that easy as advertised as you will need to screw it up under a surface, ideally under a hanging kitchen cabinet.


This Jar Opener is perfect for individuals suffering from any wrist pain. Opening stuck lids make wrists hurt since the tendency of this movement is to twist the joint sideways.  The EZ Off Jar Opener is also good for prevention, as forcing hard to open lids with bare hands can lead to wrist injury. Therefore this product is a must have for every household.


EZ Off Jar Opener Ratings

EZ Off Jar Opener Ratings

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