Futuro Wrist Brace with Cushioning Beads

The wrist brace for a complete and satisfying good night rest, perfect for Carpal Tunnel Treatment

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Product Features:

  1. Adjustable straps
  2. Made of soft breathable lightweight materials
  3. With cushioning beads
  4. Moisture absorption and Antimicrobial to limit sweat and odor
  5. Comes in Blue

Futuro Wrist Brace with Cushioning Beads Review:

Futuro Wrist Brace is 3M’s creation and answer against CTS symptoms during nighttime which bothers many victims of this condition. It absorbs moisture and is also antimicrobial which eliminates odor, stain, and germs. The cushioning beads is a feature no other wrist brace has; it targets your nerves and relieves it from pain.

Pain usually comes at night particularly during your deepest sleep state. It can be very frustrating and troublesome especially when you need energy for tomorrow’s work. The Futuro Wrist Brace is designed for use during your sleep for nighttime relief. So you can rest all night without interruption.

The Future Wrist Brace can also be used during the day however it is quite bulky hence you may not be able to use your hand on some activities like typing on a computer keyboard or even just carrying a cup of mug.


One of the many symptoms of CTS is the annoying pain it can deliver during nighttime when you move unconsciously during sleep. The Futuro Wrist Brace keeps your wrist intact ergo prevents it from moving which can cause pain. Further, the micro beads works its way to make your wrist more relaxed, like lying on a bean bag with massaging beads. Overall, the Futuro Wrist Brace is a remarkable gear to be used to help treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.



Futuro Wrist Brace Ratings

Futuro Wrist Brace Ratings

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