Stressball: Handstands Cyber Gel Squeeze Ball

A gel type stressball you'll love to squeeze

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Product Features:

  1. Non-toxic gel
  2. Machine Washable
  3. Varying colors

Handstands Gel Stressball Review:

One of the ways to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from worsening is to strengthen your hands. This can be done by going to the gym or doing hand exercises. But not too many people have time for this. So they can get themselves a handgrip or a stressball instead to train their weakening hands.

A stressball is one of the most underappreciated items when it comes to CTS management. This alone can tremendously help in dealing with hand numbness as well as grip weakness. It is used as a medical therapy for patients suffering from repetitive strain injury related symptoms, and it does not need to be used inside the hospital. It is very portable, easy to use, and at the same time addictive! So it is a wonder why not many people have this stuff. Another good thing about stress balls is anyone can benefit from it, child or adult.

This stressball however is made of non-toxic sturdy gel, hence it is different from the usual fomey or sand-filled stress balls that are too easy to squish. Also sorry for this but you may have to receive a random color or which is currently available at the seller’s store.


One of the best and easily available out there when it comes to stress balls is the Handstands Cyber Gel Squeeze Ball, and that is why it is here on this website. This stressball exercises your hand and arm muscles thus strengthen grip and overall hand function. Carpal Tunnel Gadgets recommends everyone having one stressball of this kind whether to prevent or treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.



Handstands Cyber Gel Squeeze Ball Ratings

Handstands Cyber Gel Squeeze Ball Ratings

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