IMAK Wrist Cushion

Machine washable fabric made mouse wrist rest with massaging ErgoBeads!

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Product Features:

  1. Filled with massaging ergo beeds
  2. Surface made of fabric
  3. Machine washable
  4. Comes in black

IMAK Wrist Cushion Review:

IMAK offers orthopedic type of products such as wrist braces and splints, hence they are leaning more towards surgical and health related merchandise than on computers and gadgets.  It doesn’t require that if you’re not in the computer business, you can’t sell computer related stuff. The IMAK Wrist Cushion is for supporting and cushioning your wrist while using your mouse. It makes your forearm and wrist feeling blissful as it presses on it’s great cotton lycra material. The wrist cushion is like a beanbag experience. Not sure if you have tried lying on a beanbag but it feels absolutely relaxing, like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

The fabric like cotton lycra material is soothing to the touch, and doesn’t stick to your skin unlike plastic or leather. The ErgoBeads feature just adds a different but good feel to it, like those massaging stress balls with small beads inside. This wrist cushion does not have a sticky bottom, hence it slides with your hand while scanning with your mouse. Further, the IMAK Wrist Cushion can be frozen to add an extra freshening relief. How cool is that?


Without a cushion, your wrist hangs itself in midair while moving your mouse. The posture becomes unnatural, and joints become tense. A good cushion supports your hanging wrist which provides better comfort than not having any at all. And this wrist cushion does just that, as well as massage those wrist with it’s Ergobeads feature. Overall, the IMAK Wrist Cushion a great product for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, top that with it’s unique features, it is definitely one, if not the best of it’s kind.


IMAK Wrist Cushion Rating

IMAK Wrist Cushion Rating

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Effectiveness


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