Innovera Softskin Gel Mouse Wrist Rest

A mouse wrist rest with unique rubber-gel surface that's stain and water resistant

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Product Features:

  1. Gel-filled
  2. Non-skid rubber backing
  3. Stain and water resistant
  4. Black

Innovera Softskin Gel Mouse Wrist Rest Review:

If your wrist are hurting due to mouse use, then a mouse wrist rest should do the job of lessening the pain as it supports your tired wrist while it lays on a fine and comfortable pad. Introducing Innovera Softskin Gel Mouse Wrist Rest. This product is one of the hotselling mouse wrist rest in the market today, and demand is still getting higher. Mainly because this wrist rest is durable, inexpensive, and does the job of helping your hurting wrist.

Like its partner the Innovera Keyboard Wrist Rest, this gear is made of rubbery kind of material on the surface which makes it easy to clean. It is addictive to pinch like a stressball, although you don’t want this to tear up so be careful.


The Innovera Mouse Wrist Rest supports your wrists as you use your mouse. The cushion is just right to not let your joints take pressure unlike placing your wrist on a solid object. The gel technology helps contour on your specific forearm structure, hence it correctly fits to hold those tensed wrists. So instead of that wrist hanging in mid-air as it moves a lot while using your mouse, this product holds it to keep your wrists relaxed. It is certain that the Innovera Mouse Wrist Rest helps to minimize CTS symptoms.


Innovera Softskin Gel Mouse Wrist Rest Rating

Innovera Softskin Gel Mouse Wrist Rest Rating

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