Kinesis DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Precision mouse in your fingertips

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Product Features:

  1. Ambidextrous design suitable for right or left handed individuals
  2. Requires fingers only to navigate the cursor
  3. Adjustable DPI which promotes precision and accuracy
  4. Small and portable

Kinesis DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse Review:

This is how Kinesis brings the phrase “power at your fingertips” to life. You don’t need to use your wrist or palm, all that you need are three fingers and you can conquer the world. And you don’t need a wide surface as well. This is what the word “Ergonomic” is all about. The Kinesis DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse is perfect for graphical artists and architects that need extra precision especially in drawing lots of details.

Hate bulky computer mice? Then you will love the Kinesis DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse. Remember the time when Motorola Phones were as big as a man’s arms, and it just gets techier each time phones became smaller and smaller as years go by? Well when it comes to a computer mouse, this should be the techiest, finest and smallest mouse in the market today. The DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse’ design is just so brilliant it is timeless.

So what are the cons? Some say the buttons require a bit of pressure to click. Maybe because you will have to apply pressure using your own fingers when pressing unlike when using a standard mouse, you have your whole hand pinning the surface which gives you better leverage. Also, the Kinesis DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse is pretty expensive you’d wonder what kind of materials is this small device made of.


This gadget won’t do you any harm if using a pen doesn’t hurt you. Meaning, do not buy this product if you have problems with curling your fingers. If not, then you will absolutely have so much fun using the Kinesis DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse. Your wrists stay in one place hence it is perfect for persons having wrist strain.


Any PC, Mac, or Linux

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Kinesis DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse Ratings

Kinesis DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse Ratings

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