Mueller Wrist Brace

The wrist brace great for gamers for those fast typing fingers

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Product Features:

  1. With adjustable strap for custom fit
  2. Made with cotton and spandex
  3. Comes in black
  4. Antimicrobial
  5. For small/medium hand

Mueller Wrist Brace Review:

The Mueller Wrist Brace can fit anyone’s wrists with its fully adjustable long strap made of Velcro. The design is awesome, yes, awesome, there is no other word that can best describe how it looks.

Great for gamers who still needs to type and work their fingers the same way as usual. Though it is flexible and comfortable to wear, it looks so cool to wear it will make a 10 year old kid look tough. But seriously, this is what wrist braces should look like, black, sleek, not bulky, and made of spandex!

It is easy to wear, portable, and can fit in your pocket when not in use. Wear it, and still do things as usual. Great for individuals with minimal Carpal Tunnel problems and still want to play sports like bowling or billiards.

It is also is antimicrobial, which prevents it from germs, bad odor, and fungus which can deteriorate the gear. Furthermore, the product is made up of high quality material, making it durable yet it is lightweight and comfortable enough.

On a negative note, few customers say they didn’t like the thumb hole, either it is too small, or not in the right place. But it isn’t really harmful and bothersome.


The Mueller Wrist Brace does its job of maintaining your wrist steady to prevent it from twisting which causes pain in the wrist joint area. The wrist brace supports the joint against unnecessary movements, hence lets any injury or swelling heal itself much quicker.  Most of all it is comfortable enough and is good looking.

For Large size, please click here Mueller Wrist Brace Large


Mueller Wrist Brace Ratings

Mueller Wrist Brace Ratings

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