NSD Spinner

Spinner technology that improves muscle endurance and coordination

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Product Features:

  1. Auto-start with internal pre-tensioner
  2. Computer balanced gyroscopic rotor at up to 15,000 RPM
  3. With Digital LCD counter for performance indicator
  4. features historical top speed
  5. Durable military-grade plastic shell

NSD Spinner Review:

These gadgets are called gyroscopes, power spinners, power balls, hand gyro exerciser and what not. There are alot of models and versions of this kind and we have searched the web for the best one. And here you go, the NSD Spinner with an auto-start feature and LCD counter. Other models require a thread for you to spin the rotor while others easily malfunction.

In order for the NSD Spinner to work, you should roll back the inner rotor in a certain direction until there is enough tension to spin the gyro. Then let it spin while you grip the device at the same time trying to maneuver your hand in a fast circular motion to let the rotor inside spin even more. If you don’t get the idea, catch some videos of this in Youtube so you can see how it’s done. Also with the LCD counter, you can track your progress as time goes.


The NSD Spinner is mainly used to improve hand-wrists and forearms coordination, muscle endurance, and blood circulation to promote healthy hands. These are known crucial aspects to prevent joint and muscle inflammation which leads to CTS or other Repetitive Strain Injury.

Warning: this gadget may not be the immediate solution if your Carpal Tunnel is at its worst condition. If your condition is severe, you may have to stick to isometric exercises. Such as squeezing a stress ball, or even just gripping a normal baseball or tennis ball. Also, when using this product and you feel a sudden intense pain to your wrist, stop immediately.

The NSD Spinner is best suited for individuals with minimal symptoms or none at all. This gadget is leaning more towards prevention than a cure.

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NSD Spinner Ratings

NSD Spinner Ratings

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