Thumb Spica Splint: OTC Wrist and Thumb Splint

The most effective wrist brace and thumb spica splint all in one gear perfect for CTS

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Product Features:

  1. For Right Hand
  2. Supports both thumb and wrist
  3. Available in 5 sizes
  4. Comes in black

Thumb Spica Splint Review:

The OTC Wrist and Thumb Spica Splint is made from urethane foam and spandex fabric for extended comfort. It is very durable and steady, hence does a good job of supporting your wrist and thumb.

Remember the time when casts made of white ceramic cement were the only available splints for broken bones? Now it has come to this where it is far lighter, breathable, and looks awesome. Yep, it will feel like wearing Batman’s gear. Although it covers one-third of your forearm, so it may get quite warm. But no worries, the OTC Wrist and Thumb Spica Splint has a moisture absorption feature, hence you can sweat all you want and it will still remain as comfy.

Some things to consider when purchasing this gear… It is massive, bulky, and will take quite an effort to wear. It is better to have someone aiding you while you wear them. Also you have to be careful in choosing your size, as some received theirs that are bigger than what they expected. Choose from extra small to extra large, which you can select upon purchasing.


This thumb spica splint is great for people suffering from CTS experiencing both wrist and thumb pain. It stabilizes the joints to prevent further movement and injury. It is quite bulky and may limit you from doing anything with your hand like typing on the keyboard, hence it is only recommended for individuals with more severe cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

For the left handed, we have an available smaller size at Amazon, click here OTC Wrist and Thumb Spica Splint Left/Small


OTC Wrist and Thumb Spica Splint Rating

OTC Wrist and Thumb Spica Splint Rating

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