ZoN Hand Grips

A comfy hand grip fit for all ages to build durable wrists.

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Product Features:

  1. Medium resistance.
  2. Handles are covered in foam for comfort
  3. Package includes two hand grips
  4. Comes in black

ZoN Hand Grips Review:

The ZoN Hand Grips is a well known standard yet comfortable non-weighted hand grip in the market today. Unlike the Captains of Crush, this one is more mild, unisex, and much easier to grip. This equipment fits everyone, for the young or old, men or women. It looks fine and professionally built, you can bring this anywhere whether at the office, at home, or just even at the park.

This hand grip comes in two so you can work out both of your hands simultaneously. Since it is mild grip, the ZoN Hand Grips isn’t very stressful to use,  in fact it even relieves stress. This type of hand grip has been popular as this can be used while watching TV or just sitting down and chilling. It’s a a must have for anyone wanting a relaxing hobby that’s very beneficial.


The ZoN Hand Grips strengthens your hands, forearms, and upper arms as well. Performing exercises with this gear at least thrice a week can achieve the methodology ‘damage-repair-compensate’. It is established when working out your hand and arm muscles by flexing them as you grip your fingers inwards. The contraction and de-contraction damages these working muscles, then these muscles eventually adapt, repairing the damaged tissues and thus compensating to get even more stronger muscles. This fact is the same with body building – building stronger muscles so it protects your body from injury. That is why physical therapists usually advise hand gripping as one of the most important exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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ZoN Hand Grips Ratings

ZoN Hand Grips Ratings

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