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Carpal Tunnel Gadgets is the home of the top rated gears and gadgets to provide solution and prevention against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The founder of this website has a wife who suffered from terrible CTS symptoms; and in his way to save other people from experiencing the same trauma, CarpalTunnelGadgets.com was created. This site is dedicated to help CTS sufferers to fight this medical condition by way of centralizing all the gears in one easy and convenient location, which is right here! All the products in this website are mainly designed to prevent or help CTS treatment.

Reviews on item details are a summary of product details, customer reviews, along with first hand experiences. We ought to be transparent and unbiased with the reviews provided because we believe that buyers deserve to be rightly informed.

None of the gadgets are sold by us directly however we do receive a small commission for many of the items when purchased by our visitors.

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We are constantly updating the list of items so be sure to check back regularly and say goodbye to hand and wrist pain!