Keyboard Wrist Rest: Belkin WaveRest

The Bestselling Keyboard Wrist Rest in the market today!

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Product Features:

  1. Gel-filled Cushion
  2. 18.2 x 3.5 x 0.9 inches
  3. Black

Keyboard Wrist Rest Review:

The Belkin WaveRest is the bestselling keyboard wrist rest in the market today. Two reasons – one, it’s inexpensive, and two – it works.  It is your modern day standard wrist rest, in which the primary use is to cushion and elevate your wrist to let your hand position correctly while typing. The wave design support contours to fit the curves of your wrists and help promote natural forearm movement.  The gel filling technology is now a rising trend when it comes to hand cushioning as also seen with stressballs. Users find it to be very comfy and effective.

A good thing about a separate keyboard wrist cushion is it is almost always more comfortable than a built-in wrist rest that comes with a keyboard. With Belkin WaveRest, you don’t have to use your forearms when you want to take a nap on your desk at work. Just put your head on top of it and off you go snoozing! Be careful not to do this too much though when your boss is around.


Hurting wrists are triggered when you move or bend them in a certain way. Having a keyboard wrist rest helps prevent the wrists from random repetitive movements since it will just be there lying on its couch comfortably. The more a wrist takes time to rest, the better it is to hasten the healing process. Frequently straining your wrists in an undesirable manner just worsens this syndrome.


Belkin WaveRest Rating

Belkin WaveRest Rating

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