Wellgate PerfectFit Wrist Support

The ultra comfy wrist support ideal for women with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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Product Features:

  1. Available for right and left hand
  2. Comes in white
  3. For women

Wellgate PerfectFit Wrist Support Review:

The Wellgate PerfectFit Wrist Support is made of memory foam and ultra-comfortable fabrics. Comfort is so good it will not bother your sleep. The slimfit design lets you wear it under long sleeves attire, so you can use it all day without anyone noticing you’re even wearing one. This wrist support is lightweight and slim, yet it still provides the perfect fit for any type of wrists, even for the plus size women!

Designed to naturally fit the contours of women’s wrists, the Wellgate PerfectFit Wrist Support is so well shaped, wearing it feels sexy. As it is soft to the touch, it feels like a good hug that takes your pain away… literally. It provides support yet flexible enough so you can still type on your ergonomic keyboard and work.


The Wellgate PerfectFit Wrist Support encourages your wrist not to bend hence lets it stay in a neutral position. You will still be able to move your wrists especially when you intend to. It is recommended for women having mild symptoms, and not for severe cases. Also just to take note, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome usually happens during pregnancy, this product will help alot.

Some women who suffer from CTS also experience wrist pain in the middle of the night. This wrist rest can help alleviate pain and avoid unnecessary movements during sleep. Hence this can be a great tool to help achieve uninterrupted rest throughout the night.

Overall this wrist support will surely help, and definitely one of the most purchased because of its price and comfort.

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Wellgate PerfectFit Wrist Support Ratings

Wellgate PerfectFit Wrist Support Ratings

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