Aylio Finger Resistance Bands

Therapeutic finger bands to act as reverse hard grip. An effective way to treat CTS.

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Product Features:

  1. 5 color coded resistance levels
  2. Tough wide rubber bands

Aylio Finger Resistance Bands Review:

The Aylio Finger Resistance Bands are not your ordinary rubber bands to tie up grocery bags or electric wires. These resistance bands are specially crafted for therapeutic use for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or any other hand injury such as arthritis. The package consists of 5 bands with varying resistance levels to suit different individuals with different finger strengths. Also as your fingers get stronger from using a specific band color, you may want to use the next resistance level to improve your finger strength even more. Not only that, the Aylio Finger Resistance Bands are also surprisingly comfortable to use for your fingers.

You don’t have to rely on kinkier hand gadgets that are very tight, uncomfortable, and can take some time to wear. When you can have these simple, easy to use, and low cost resistance Aylio bands that are even twice as effective!


Stress balls and hand grip devices are used by method of squeezing as you try to pact your fingers in a closed hand form. This exercise manner improves one type of muscle function to your hands, which is primarily gripping. What the Aylio Finger Resistance Bands train is the muscle used to open your hands from a closed fist, somewhat of a reverse hand grip motion. Well some may ask… do you even need to strengthen the muscle which works when opening your fist? The answer is a simple YES. CTS or any kind of RSI can affect all the muscles involved when moving your hands, hence strengthening each and every part is essential. Also, muscle formation and strength balance is important when training any part of your body. For instance, if you do bench press, you might also want to do rowing to balance your front and back muscles.


Aylio Finger Resistance Bands Rating

Aylio Finger Resistance Bands Rating

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Effectiveness


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