DonJoy Functional Wrist Brace

The functional wrist brace used by extreme sports athletes!

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Product Features:

  1. Varying sizes
  2. Single strap system
  3. Non-corrosive (does not rust)
  4. XL and XS size are made of carbon fiber, hence more expensive

DonJoy Functional Wrist Brace Review:

The DonJoy Functional Wrist Brace is made of the highest quality materials. It is built ergonomically, and well-designed enabling a person to still have the hand functioning unlike a typical splint can’t do. The hinges created in this wrist brace are studied and tested to anatomically limit and follow correct wrist movement.

This wrist brace is best suited for athletes requiring hand and wrist support while still playing the sport they love. Sports requiring exact wrist movements such as biking, motocross, skateboarding, snowboarding, and other alike extreme sporting events. The DonJoy Functional Wrist Brace also acts as a protective gear against accidents to avoid dislocation or fracture.

Downside of DonJoy Functional Wrist Brace is it is overly expensive. Mainly because it is made from high quality materials. And if you are not into extreme sports and just needs some wrist stabilizer, you do not really need this gear, unless you want to look cool.

Well yeah, you can use it to limit your hand movement and prevent your wrist from tilting at an angle you do not want. Hence the DonJoy Functional Wrist Brace is not exclusively for extreme sports athletes, but rather for everyone even for office workers. Still, it is obviously expensive and the price is set that high mainly because it is worn by popular extreme sports athletes.


DonJoy is a well-known brand primarily because of this wrist brace. It is popular whether through sports use or orthopedics. It is even recommended just after fracture. This wrist brace promotes proper movement which DonJoy believes is better therapeutically than having the wrist just left rigid in a cemented cast. The DonJoy Functional Wrist Brace prevents incorrect overextension of wrist movement which will likely happen if the wrist already just suffered from severe dislocation or trauma.


DonJoy Functional Wrist Brace Ratings

DonJoy Functional Wrist Brace Ratings

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