Footime Foot Mouse (Footmouse)

The computer mouse for your feet

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Product Features:

  1. Two-level layout button pedal.
  2. Easy-to-use “slipper” for cursor navigation
  3. With scroll and built-in double click buttons
  4. Programmable buttons for shortcuts or functions
  5. On screen closeable pop-up window showing all button functions

Footime Foot Mouse (Footmouse) Review:

Who says you can only use your hands while using your computer? Introducing the Footime Foot Mouse, where your feet now gains the ability to click, double click, and move the cursor as you surf the web! Now this is ergonomic.

This footmouse is so long lasting, you’ll have at least 5 standard mice malfunction first before this one ever does. And not only that, the product features function what they are exactly expected to do. With technology nowadays, sadly products are not actually what you expect them to be, and they’re not that durable enough. But with Footime Foot Mouse, we can say that it is a modern day one of a kind.

Some say this footmouse looks like plastic cheap, and buttons make a snapping sound when released. Well just don’t let it carry your full weight or stomp on it. Also you may want to use your bare feet or just slippers instead of some tough leather shoes like in the photo below that can easily pin-down the buttons. Some common sense you may want to apply when using this footmouse.


Some of the causes of CTS are when you repeatedly transfer your hand from the keyboard to the mouse and vice versa, and the hand posture when holding a standard mouse. Guess what, you don’t have to do both of these with the Footime Foot Mouse.

This footmouse is highly recommended to persons with severely broken wrists or super weak hands, whom still require the use of the computer for everyday living. Words of advice from Carpal Tunnel Gadgets- if your condition is so severe that you cannot touch anything using your hands, and you don’t really need to use your computer… then please don’t. You may want to wait a bit until your hands have recovered. Accelerate the natural healing process by using some therapy balls and wrist braces.

Compatible with most Windows and Mac OS

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Footime Foot Mouse Ratings

Footime Foot Mouse Ratings

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Effectiveness


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